Create Challenges

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Metropolis Launcher lets you create challenges:


- define multiple tiers per challenge having multiple achievements

- when all achievements in a tier are unlocked, the next tier is visible

- in multi-user mode a user may be bound to a challenge, so that only games of the current challenge/tier are visible to the user


Challenges can contain RetroAchievements and additionally runtime-based achievements. You can use runtime-based achievements for games which are not supported by RetroAchievements.


Creating a Challenge


In this example we will create a challenge based on RetroAchievements and runtime-based achievements in multiple tiers.


Finally we will bind this challenge to a user in Multi User Mode.


1. Add the first achievement


   We begin by selecting the first achievement: Sonic the Hedgehog - Complete Victory


Select Sonic the Hedgehog in the main list
Select the achievement in the Achievements tab's RetroAchievements table
Open the context menu (right click)
Choose Add to Challenge




   The Add Achievement to Challenge dialog opens up:




   Click the Button_Plus button at the Challenge dropdown in order to add a new challenge. Provide a name (here: Platforming Madness) and press Button_OK).




   The Add Achievement to Challenge dialog now has the Platforming Madness challenge selected and added Tier 1 automatically:




   Optionally, we can now decide if we want this achievement to be unlocked in Hardcore mode.


   Press the Button_OK button and the challenge is created with the selected achievement in Tier 1.




2. Add more achievements for Tier 1


   We not only want Sonic the Hedgehog be completed with 6 chaos emeralds (Complete Victory achievement) in order to to reach Tier 2, but we also want the player to unlock the Lava Speed achievement in Hardcore mode.


   Select Sonic the Hedgehog in the main list and add the Lava Speed achievement to our Platforming Madness challenge Tier 1:




   Press the Button_OK button and the achievement is added to the challenge.


3. Create Tier 2 with yet another achievement


   For the second tier in our challenge, we want the user to play through Sonic the Hedgehog 2. We use the Defeat Dr Robotnik achievement for this:




  In the Add Achievement to Challenge dialog we use the Button_Plus button to add a new tier:




   Press the Button_OK button and the achievement is added in tier 2 to the challenge.


4. Create Tier 3 with another two achievements of Sonic the Hedgehog 3


   Use this as a little exercise. Add Sonic the Hedgehog 3 achievements Super Sonic Victory! and I Have No Time achievements in Hardcore mode as Tier 3 to the Platforming Madness.


5. Add a runtime-based achievement as Tier 4


   For games, which are not supported by RetroAchievements, Metropolis Launcher gives you the possibility to add them to a challenge as a runtime-based achievement.


  Important: if a user wants to unlock runtime-based achievements, Statistics must be enabled in the Settings page.


   In this case, we select Taz-Mania (which at the time of this writing doesn't provide RetroAchievements). Open up the context menu of the game's entry (right click) and choose Add to Challenge (Total Runtime).




   The Add Achievement to Challenge dialog opens up:




   Here, we are now able to define a total runtime (2 hours and 30 minutes) after which the achievement would be unlocked. Press Button_OK and the runtime-based achievement is added to the challenge.


6. Overview/Edit your challenge with the Edit Challenges dialog