Set up and track RetroAchievements

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Set up RetroAchievements


1. Create an account at


2. In Metropolis Launcher go to Settings and enter your RetroAchievements user and password




3. (optional) Use the Button_Test button to test the connection and login procedure


Track your RetroAchievements


The Games & Emulation Main Screen provides an Achievements tab.


If the currently selected game is supported by RetroAchievements, you can view its achievements and their unlock status:




In this example we have Sonic & Knuckles (title not shown in the screenshot) with 20 achievements in total. One of the achievements was unlocked casually. Three of them are unlocked in hardcore mode. 16 achievements remain unachieved.


Metropolis Launcher refreshes this data on-demand in the following cases:


the game is selected in the main list
the game (emulator) has been closed