Multi User Mode

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Metropolis Launcher runs by default in a single user mode. In multi user mode (after activation) you can have different users:

with or without restrictions on what they may access
with or without password authentification


Why does Metropolis Launcher implement a multi user mode? Short answer: parental control. And here is the long answer:


The realization of parental control and restricted access to media has been one of the major foundations since the beginning of the development of Metropolis Launcher. At first, the idea was to use or build up suitable age control meta data (minimum age like PG-13, PEGI-6, USK-0 etc.) and use these as filters. However, the thorough analysis of available meta data showed that it is highly insufficient and inaccurate in order to be just used as a filter criteria, here are some examples from Games & Emulation:


- For SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive about 1.000 releases out of 2.500 have no rating

- No M.A.M.E Arcade game has a rating

- Highly action based titles, e.g. BattleTech or Soldiers of Fortune have a VRC GA (general audience) rating


Meta data alone is definitely unsuitable for parental control, so Metropolis Launcher at least implements helpful functionality to select and assign media to restricted users (the youngsters in this case). Unrestricted access can be secured by password authentification. Restricted access can be either password protected or not.


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