Enable and manage Multi User Mode

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In order to enable the multi user mode, go to Settings and click the Enable button:




You will be shown a short description of the implications that enabling the multi user mode has and you will be asked to confirm the activation. Answer with Yes and the Setup Users (Multi User Mode) dialog appears:




Here you can add, edit and delete users via context menu (right click).




Your users should have unique Usernames. You can assign a password to each user and decide if the user will have restricted access or not. (Read more about restricted access in Multi User Mode in Games & Emulation).


Passwords will be stored as hashed values, it is not possible to retrieve the actual password in plain text afterwards.


In the next screenshot, we have assigned a password to the Admin user and renamed him to "Boss". A user "Someguy" has been added with unrestricted access and has been given a password. Finally, a user "Restricted User" has been added without password but with restricted access.




If we close Metropolis Launcher and start it up again, we will be greeted with a Login window:




A dropdown lets you choose the user. If the user has an assigned password, the password input field will be enabled. Log in with the OK button.


Since version 1.2.0, you can bind users to challenges.