Multi User Mode in Games & Emulation

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Within Multi User Mode, the following elements of Metropolis Launcher are stored and retrieved per user:



The Layout in the Games & Emulation page as well as any other form or page

Table Settings

Including Column Sequence, Visibility, Groups, Sort Settings and Filters


The option if a game is a user's favourite or not

Game Ratings

The Rating of a game by Gameplay, Graphics, Sound, Story and Personal Slant


The used Skin

Slideshow Settings

Option if you want to view Extras (Screenshots, Box Art etc.) as a Slideshow and it's frequence

Statistics Settings

Option if you want to accumulate statistics, including the minimum amount of time

Global Default Emulator

Every user may re-define global default emulators in the Emulator Settings dialog

RetroAchievements Credentials

Every user may set up RetroAchievements credentials in the Settings page


This means, that especially the following elements are still globally stored and retrieved:


Platform Settings

Choice which platforms are visible and used within Metropolis Launcher

Emulator Settings

Startup Parameters, DOSBox Settings etc.

Game Settings and Metadata

Game specific DOSBox Settings, Notes, Genres etc.

DOSBox Templates

Default- and Patch Settings


Administrator, Restricted and Unrestricted Access in Games & Emulation


There is always one user, who takes the Administrator's role. You can't delete this user, but you can rename him and set up a password.


A user with unrestricted access is able to view and launch the whole Games catalog, whereas a user with restricted access must get his/her games assigned to him/her by the administrator, see Provide some games to a Restricted User.


A non-admin user will not be able to:


Change any global configuration

Including global directory settings (Temp Directory, Screenshot Directory etc.)

Access Platform Settings

Access Emulator Settings

Access the Rom Manager

Change DOSBox Templates

Access M.A.M.E. Configuration

Edit Games

Including Meta Data and Game specific DOSBox Settings

Export Games


As an example, we have Lisa, who is not an administrator. Her Settings page looks like this:




Lisa's Games & Emulation Main Screen context menu looks like this:




Wait what? How did Lisa get her games? Read on to find out...