Assign Challenge to Users

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After creating a challenge, you can assign it to a user if you run Metropolis Launcher in Multi User Mode. This is also possible with the administrative user - so you can challenge yourself.


When a user has a challenge assigned to him/her, the user can only see the games associated to the challenge (by the achievements contained within it).


Important: If a user is restricted to certain games but also assigned a challenge, the user will see the games associated to the challenge - even if the games are not part of his/her collection.


In order to assign a challenge to a user follow these steps:


1. If Metropolis Launcher isn't set up in Multi User Mode, activate it


2. Open the Setup Users (Multi User Mode)


   Go to Settings and click the Multi User Mode Setup button


3. Select the user, open the context menu (right click) and choose Edit User




4. The Edit User dialog opens up




   From the Challenge dropdown select the challenge which should be assigned to the user and press Button_OK