Play Challenges

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If you want to play a challenge, just select it from the [1] Challenge dropdown in the Games & Emulation Main Screen. From now on, only the games associated to the challenge will be visible.


If your user in Multi User Mode is bound to a challenge, you can't change the selection in the [1] Challenge dropdown.


A challenge may consist of more than one tier. If all achievements of a tier are accomplished, the next tier will be unlocked.


With the [2] show completed checkbox you can control, if you only see the games of the current tier or if you also want to see the games of the previous tiers.


Important: make sure, you don't have any other active filters (e.g. Platform, Search term etc.) or you risk that a game of the challenge/tier is not visible.


Successfully unlocking one or more achievements will be announced (Metropolis Launcher checks for unlocked achievements when a game is selected or after a game has been launched):




Important: if a user wants to unlock runtime-based achievements, Statistics must be enabled in the Settings page.


Also, you get a notification if you successfully mastered a tier:




Of course, Metropolis Launcher will also tell you, when you completed a challenge in all its tiers: