Take and Manage Screenshots

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1. Take Screenshots


While playing you can take screenshots. After the game (or emulator) is closed, you will be prompted with the list of screenshots you have taken and you can decide:

- which screenshot to keep

- which category a screenshot belongs to (titles, snaps etc.)

- to crop any screenshot (click on the image and the Edit Image dialog appears)




You can take screenshots the following ways:


1. Global screenshot tool


If you use a global screenshot tool (e.g. FRAPS, RivaTuner, MSI Afterburner) which saves screenshots in a predefined directory, you can set this directory as the Screenshots Directory in the Settings section.


2. Emulator based screenshots


If the emulator you are using provides a screenshots function and stores the screenshots in a predefined directory, you can set this directory as the Screenshots Directory in the emulator's settings.


2. Manage Screenshots and other USER Extras


Metropolis Launcher allows you to manage your screenshots and other extras from within the software. In Games & Emulation Main Screen hover your cursor over the currently shown image (or even the empty space if your game doesn't have any), open up the context menu (right click) and choose Open USER Extras Manager.




Now you can add, re-arrange, crop and change the type of the images:




3. Search for missing USER Extras


Metropolis Launcher helps you to find games that have no extra (either any extra or an extra of a certain kind) by following these simple steps:


1. Open the Games & Emulation Main Screen


2. (Optional) Set up filters

   If you want to only check games of a certain platform, choose the according platform


3. Open the context menu of the game list (right click) and choose Search for missing Extras

   In this example, we'll search for missing extras in SEGA - Genesis / Mega Drive games.




4. (A Dialog pops up) Choose the Extras category and press OK

   In this example we choose any (Search for any missing extra)




5. (After a while) Every game having missing extras is displayed in bold in the games list


6. (Optional, but very useful) Make sure that the "Highlighted" column is visible and filter by its checked state

   Every game in bold is "highlighted", that means, the "Highlighted" field will be checked, every other game's "Highlighted" field will be left unchecked. We can filter by the "Highlighted" column in order to display only the games whose Extras are missing.


6.1 Find the "Highlighted" column in the list or, if not visible, drag and drop it from the Customization form by opening the context menu (right click) on the column headers and choose "Column Chooser"




6.2 Filter by "Highlighted" = checked by clicking the checkbox in the auto filter row (top most)