Games & Emulation

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Games & Emulation is currently the most vital part of Metropolis Launcher. With more than 5 years in the making and a wide range of possible use cases it offers a strong foundation for a data-driven user interface to gaming history and modern games.


Metropolis Launcher supports the following technologies/platforms:

- PC Windows - Direct starting .exe, .lnk, .bat or .cmd files

- Generic Emulation - Any Emulator that supports starting rom files, disk images, iso images via command line parameters (this is the case for most Emulators, e.g. retroarch, snes9x, gens, kega fusion)

- DOSBox - the de-facto standard for DOS emulation. Metropolis Launcher manages DOSBox settings in templates and game-specific settings. Certain patches are supported, e.g. 7z/zip mount.

- ScummVM - as a virtual machine, ScummVM re-implements game engines and allows the underlying games be played on various modern systems. Metropolis Launcher supports ScummVM by implementing a streamlined game import as well as a template-based configuration management.

- M.A.M.E. - the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator and it's thorough database. Metropolis Launcher also has import interfaces for history.dat and mameinfo.dat. If you already worked with category files, you can import them too!


Read more on how to set up Emulators and on how to add games.