Set up Emulators

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The following topics contain step-by-step instructions on how to set up the different types of emulators in Metropolis Launcher:


- PC Windows - Not an emulator, just add games

- Generic Emulation - Any Emulator that supports starting rom files, disk images, iso images via command line parameters (this is the case for most Emulators, e.g. retroarch, snes9x, gens, kega fusion)

- DOSBox - the de-facto standard for DOS emulation.

- ScummVM - a program that reimplements the engines of classic games

- M.A.M.E. - the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator


The Concept of Emulator management in Metropolis Launcher


In order to launch an emulated game, Metropolis Launcher needs to know two things:

- which game you want to launch

- which emulator and optionally which configuration or other parameters you want to use


Metropolis Launcher manages this via a collection of emulators and a configuration on

- how they are called (startup parameters including the chosen game's media file/s)

- which platforms they support

- for which platforms they are the default emulator (auto-launch and doubleclick/Enter).


You can also add the same emulator multiple times with different configurations (see RetroArch in example 3 of Set up Generic Emulation).


In the Games & Emulation Main Screen the game's context menu item Launch will list all available emulators for the selected game's platform. If you select the game in the list and doubleclick it (or press Enter), the default emulator for the game's platform will be launched with the game's media file/s.