Set up DOSBox

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Any emulator that contains "dosbox" in the executable filename will be treated as a DOSBox build.


Let's walk through the setup process with the following example:


Example 1 - Set up DOSBox with the DOSBox Daum Cafe build


In this example we will be setting up DOSBox Daum Cafe, which is DOSBox with a plethora of enhanced features (you can

download it from One crucial feature is the support of 7z/zip mount and Metropolis Launcher supports this as well.


Anyways, you can follow the steps as well for official DOSBox builds from


In this example we will have it installed in "d:\Games\_Emulation\DOSBox_Daum\"


1. Open Emulator Settings:

   - via the Emulator Settings button on the Settings page or

   - via the menu item Open Emulator Settings in the context menu (right click) in Games & Emulation.


2. Press the Add button or use the context menu (right click) -> Add


3. A dialog shows up where you browse to the DOSBox's .exe file

   For this example choose "d:\Games\_Emulation\DOSBox_Daum\dosbox.exe"


4. The emulator is shown in the list on the left, select it, if it is not already selected


5. (Optional) alter the name

   The name can be freely chosen by you and will be displayed in context menus and the Emulator Settings list.

   For this example we change it to "DOSBox Daum Cafe"


6. (Optional) select the screenshot directory

   Metropolis Launcher monitors screenshot directories in order to file screenshots taken in a session to the correct game entry. DOSBox Daum Cafe stores screenshots in the "CAPTURE" directory, so we choose "d:\Games\_Emulation\DOSBox_Daum\CAPTURE\" by pressing the Button_DotDotDot2 Button.


7. Choose the supported platforms, (optional) choose those platforms where the emulator is the default emulator

   In the case of DOSBox it is currently just the PC - DOS platform. Tick it in the Supported column.


   (Optional) If you want DOSBox Daum Cafe to be the default emulator for the PC - DOS platform also tick the option in the "Use as default emulator" column. The default emulator will later be the one that is launched with a double click or by pressing enter in the games list.


8. Switch to the DOSBox tab and check if possible patches are activated.

   In our example, Metropolis Launcher should already have detected, that numerous patches are supported by the Daum Cafe build. If not, please activate the patch support by yourself.


9. Press the Save button.


If you followed the steps of the example, the Emulator Settings should look like this: