Enhanced Scripting

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With AutoIt and AutoHotkey you can write your own scripts to be run upon launch.


Use the following steps to set up enhanced scripting in Metropolis Launcher


1. Set up AutoIt and/or AutoHotKey runtime for Metropolis Launcher


Go to the Settings screen


Browse the AutoIt and/or AutoHotkey executable as shown in this screenshot:




2. Assign a script to an emulator


Go to Emulator Settings


Choose an emulator


Select either AutoIt or AutoHotKey from the Enhanced Scripting dropdown




A new input for the Script File appears


Alternative 1: Use the Button_Create button to create a template script file (choose a file path)
Alternative 2: Use the Button_DotDotDot2 button to browse for an existing script file


Open the file in your preferred editor and write your script beginning in the section ### Start here with your code ###


From now on, the emulator won't be launched directly by Metropolis Launcher, instead the AutoIt/AutoHotKey script will be injected with the data and launched. In this process, the script file will be copied to a temporary location and the ### ML INJECT START/END ### section will be populated with actual data.


Refer to the generated template scripts to see which variables are provided by Metropolis Launcher.