Set up ScummVM

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Setting up ScummVM is analog to adding a generic emulator.


1. Open Emulator Settings:

   - via the Emulator Settings button on the Settings page or

   - via the menu item Open Emulator Settings in the context menu (right click) in Games & Emulation Main Screen.


2. Press the Add button or use the context menu (right click) -> Add


3. A dialog shows up where you browse the scummvm.exe file


4. The emulator is shown in the list, select it, if it is not already selected


5. (Optional) alter the name

   The name can be freely chosen by you and will be displayed in context menus and the Emulator Settings list.

   For this example we change it to "ScummVM"


6. Choose the supported platforms, (optional) choose those platforms where the emulator is the default emulator

   ScummVM may only support the ScummVM multi platform, the checkbox should already be ticked.

   Tick the checkbox for Use as default Emulator so that this ScummVM will be used when double clicking a game entry.


7. Press the Save button