ScummVM Configuration

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ScummVM and of course Metropolis Launcher allow the configuration of a large set of individual attributes, these attributes are organized in categories.


For example: the category "Graphics" provides the following attributes:

- Fullscreen (yes/no)

- Aspect Ratio Correction (yes/no)

- Graphics Mode ("1x", "2x", "3x", "2xsai", ...)



The management of ScummVM configuration settings is streamlined the following way:


You can define one or more ScummVM configuration templates. Actually Metropolis Launcher already ships a template called "Default" - you can rename this template as well as alter individual attributes but you can't delete it.


These templates should be configured in a most common way without too much focus on individual games, because:


If an individual game needs game specific settings you can configure them on top of the template just for that game. This is done in the Edit Game dialog from the context menus of Games & Emulation and the Rom Manager.


When you launch a game Metropolis Launcher takes care of creating a ScummVM configuration file out of the settings defined by the template and the game-specific settings.


You can alter existing templates as well as define new templates by opening the ScummVM Templates Editor by either:

- opening the context menu (right click) in Games & Emulation and choosing the Open DOSBox Templates menu item

- opening the Settings page and pressing the DOSBox Templates button