RomBase Manager

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How to reach it


Go to Settings and click the RomBase Manager button
In Games & Emulation Main Screen open the main list's context menu and choose the Open RomBase Manager menu item


How it works


The RomBase Manager unlike the Rom Manager is a tool for maintaining Metropolis Launcher's internal Rom Database.


The RomBase ( is the underlying database for Metropolis Launcher to automatically link games to MobyGames metadata.


Note: Using the RomBase Manager is not supposed to be performed by individual end-users. Ignore the RomBase Manager if you don't know what you're doing or haven't been told to use it.


After selecting a platform, you get a list of all files in the database on the left side. The right side lists all MobyGames releases for the selected platform.


You can link a MobyGames release to one or more selected files by double clicking the MobyGames release.


The context menu (right click) of the files list provides the following menu items:




hmtoggle_plus1[1] Copy Name to Clipboard


Copies to the file name to your clipboard.


hmtoggle_plus1[2] Add Games from ...


The RomBase Manager allows adding file entries from multiple fileformats:


DAT (XML): an XML file from a DAT, converted by datutil
DAT with serial tag: the identifier will not be CRC, SHA1 or MD5 - a platform-specific serial per game will be used, the DAT must also be converted to XML by datutil
CSV: custom generated CSV text files from web sources


hmtoggle_plus1[3] Delete N entries


Delete selected (using SHIFT or CTRL) file entries from the RomBase


hmtoggle_plus1[4] Detect MobyGames Links...


You can use this menu item to automatically find best candidates by comparing filenames to the names of the Moby Releases.


After the analysis, you get a preview of the results where you can decide for which games the linking should be applied.


Read more about finding links to MobyGames metadata using the Detect MobyGames Links feature here.


hmtoggle_plus1[5] Remove Link on N games


Select one or more games in the left list by using CTRL or SHIFT and left clicks and use this menu item to remove their link to MobyGame release/s.


hmtoggle_plus1[6] Load XML


The RomBase Manager allows an export of the current file list as XML.


Load a previously saved list with this menu item.


hmtoggle_plus1[7] Write XML


The RomBase Manager allows an export of the current file list as XML.


Save the current file list with this menu item.


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