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How to reach it


In Rom Mangager open the file list's context menu (right click) and choose the Detect MobyGames Links... menu item
In RomBase Manager open the file list's context menu (right click) and choose the Detect MobyGames Links... menu item


How it works


After finding the best MobyGames link candidate for every game you will be presented this Detect MobyGames Links Preview dialog.



The left list (found matches)


Unlike any list in Metropolis Launcher this list may display more than one row for each data item (default are 2 rows). You can organize the cells using the column headers - just drag and drop the column headers how you would like to view the list.
All data items in this list are games that had previously no link to a MobyGames release
If a best match has been found, you'll have values in Moby Release, Moby Year, Moby Created, Developer, Publisher etc.
The Apply checkbox should be checked/unchecked for each data item (tick it if you want to apply the linking to the MobyGames release mentioned in the Moby Release column)
The Match Accuracy shows how well the MobyGames release name fitted the Gamename with a score from 0..100
If a Match Accuracy of 100 has been calculated, the Apply checkbox will automatically be checked (don't blindly ignore them though!)


The right list (Moby Releases)


This list contains all MobyGames releases available for the platform
If you click a data item in the left list and it has a best match, the right list will pre-select the appropriate MobyGames release
If you want to link a MobyGames release from this list to one or more games in the left list, select the games in the left list (using SHIFT / CTRL) and doubleclick the MobyGames release in the right list. This overwrites the best match for these games.
You can open the MobyGames website for the release by opening the context menu (right click) and choose the Open Moby Page menu item


Finally, press Button_OK and every game where the Apply checkbox is checked will be linked to its best match (or overwritten link).


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