Add ScummVM Games

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ScummVM is an emulator for selected titles from different platforms (PC - DOS, FM-Towns, Commodore Amiga etc.).


In order to add ScummVM Games to Metropolis Launcher you need:


the game files (not compressed)
ScummVM 2.x (older versions are incompatible)


For this example, we have the following directory structure:


g:\Games\ScummVM        \Castle of Dr. Brain (CD DOS)

                 \Day Of The Tentacle (CD Dos)

                 \Gobliiins 1 (Amiga)


1. Open the Rom Manager

   - by pressing the Rom Manager button on the Settings page, or

   - by using the context menu (right click) on the main list in the Games & Emulation Main Screen and clicking the Open Rom Manager ... menu item.


2. Select Platform = ScummVM

   The Rom Manager will show a (possibly empty) list of imported games on the left and the MobyGames Database for all platforms (because ScummVM isn't tied to one platform) on the right.


3. In the (empty) file list: open the context menu (right click) and choose the Add Games (Directory) ... menu item


4. The Add ScummVM Games dialog opens up

   - browse the ScummVM 2.0.x version for the ScummVM for scan field

   - provide g:\Games\ScummVM as the Directory to scan

   Confirm the dialog with the OK button.


5. The Tag Parser Settings dialog opens up

   ScummVM provides internal names for found games. These internal names may contain tags.


   The Tag Parser scans all the tags and you can map one or more attributes to those tags.


   If a tag is newly added, the font of the tag will be written in bold. Else it will be in normal font weight. Please have a closer look at the newly added tags - Metropolis Launcher will have analyzed them and added appropriate attributes by itself.


   If the Tag Parser does not find any tags in the file names, you will be prompted with a message and the Tag Parser will be closed afterwards.


   After looking through all provided tags press the OK button.


6. The games will be analyzed and added

   Metropolis Launcher shows a progressbar of the import process. When it is finished you will be prompted with an information on

   - how many games have been added

   - how many of these games have been mapped to game info (Metropolis Launcher should be able to automatically map more than 550 games to game info)

   - how many duplicates have been ignored (you will have a duplicate if you re-add a game that is already added)


   During the import process for each added game a directory with the same name will be created inside the DOSBox working directory. This directory is used for:

   - unpacking (if necessary)

   - writing new or altered files

   This directory is the working directory of the current game and will be mounted as the C drive.