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After setting up emulators and adding games it is time to play and enjoy your library of games.


Almost everything happens on the Games & Emulation Main Screen in Metropolis Launcher which contains:


- In the upper left section:

 - Platform filterChoose either "All Platforms" or a specific platform (specific platform is suitable for faster loading times of the game list)
 - Filterset selection Save and load your filter settings
 - Search Search your games on database level within the following fields: Name, Alternate Titles, Filename, Description, Note and Special Info
 - Group MobyGames provides game groups, with this selector you can filter by any given group
 - Developer MobyGames provides individual developer data for each game, you can filter by one of them
 - Similar toAfter calculating similarity scores of a chosen game to every other gam, you can feed those scores to the Games & Emulation list as well as sort and filter by them


- In the lower left section:

 A big data grid containing the game entries including numerous data columns for sorting and filtering


- In the upper right section:

 The game's name and a picture box displaying screenshots, box shots etc. - click it to swap through the current game's pictures


- In the lower right section:

Summarycontaining Alternate Titles, Special Info and Description (if available) of the selected game
Technical Specslisting all technical specifications of the selected game
Statisticsproviding statistical informations (number of plays, total runtime, start/end/runtime of each session), you need to activate Statistics in the Settings
Ratingyou can rate your games by Gameplay, Graphics, Sound, Story and Personal slant
Groupsall the groups the game is listed in
Staffindividual staff members who worked on the game


Read more on how to launch games. There is also quite some information on how to find and discover games in your collection as well as how to find similar games to a chosen one with the Similarity Calculation feature.