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Metropolis Launcher is more than just a software application. It is a community effort - there is a tremendous amount of original data to be created and maintained. The sub-topics in this section describe and log the ongoing work for each task.


The Developer's Log and Developer's TODO provide information on which functionality has been implemented and which features are planned for the future.


These are the main goals for Metropolis Launcher:


Launch emulated games and manage emulators and media (roms, disks, cds etc.) files, support multi-volume platforms (e.g. C64)
Support DOSBox with a configuration template approach (also support auto-mounting existing directories/image files)
Support M.A.M.E. and its internal database


The Platforms section provides platform specific documentation on completed and ongoing tasks for each supported platform.

The main goals for each supported platform are:


Link the games to their MobyGames data
The ideal case is that every game in a complete Rom set can be linked to MobyGames data (this however, won't be the case, because MobyGames does not contain data about unreleased or unlicensed games)
Have the game links checked by another person
People make errors, so we want a second pair of eyes to check and correct wrong links, this will be done in waves of QA
Manually provide the appropriate information for every game
- that is missing "Number of Players" information (provide the actual numbers)
- that is missing Multiplayer Options and Multiplayer Modes
Ensure a certain completeness of screenshots, boxshots etc. - Some projects on the web already work on that, e.g. No-Intro Screenshot Reloaded