Export as Total DOS Launcher Collection

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How to reach it


In Games & Emulation Main Screen's main list, select one or more DOS games, open the context menu (right click) and choose Export - Export as Total DOS Launcher Collection...


How it works


This dialog lets you set up a Total DOS Launcher (short TDL) export of the previously selected games.


The Total DOS Launcher .zip File should already be set with the shipped TDL distribution. However, you can always download another TDL version from https://github.com/MobyGamer/total-dos-launcher/releases and provide the .zip file here. Use Button_DotDotDot2 button to browse a .zip file. Use the Button_WWW button to open the TDL releases web page in your default browser.


Provide a Destination directory for the export. Use Button_DotDotDot2 to browse a directory.


Use the Configuration dropdown to select a configuration for TDL.


 - use the Button_Plus button to add a new configuration

 - use the Button_Minus button to globally delete the selected configuration

 - use the Button_DotDotDot button to edit the selected configuration


Tick the Split in 2GB Chunks checkbox if you actually plan to deploy on vintage hardware having a 2GB HDD limit. The export will then create multiple sub-directories (files, files1, files2, ...) in the destination, each with max. 2GB of file content. Important: plan the Program Locations in the configuration accordingly.


You can set a Custom Subtitle for the TDL menu. Below the input field a preview of the actual menu title is shown.


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