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How to reach it


In Games & Emulation Main Screen open the main list's context menu (right click) and choose the Find Similar Games menu item.


How it works


Use the dropdown on top to choose a similarity calculation configuration.


Use the Button_Plus button to add a new similarity calculation configuration.


Use the Button_Minus button to delete a similarity calculation configuration.


Use the Button_DotDotDot button to edit the current similarity calculation configuration.


The Haves only checkbox:


 If active, only similarities to games you already added are calculated.


 If inactive, the similarities over all known game releases in the database are calculated. So in the future if you add a new game, its similarity is possibly already calculated.


Press the Go! button to start the similarity calculation.


After the calculation you can review the results in the same window.


Important: Use the Save Results button to re-use the results within the Games & Emulation Main Screen.


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