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How to reach it


Go to Settings and click the DOSBox Templates button
In Games & Emulation Main Screen open the main list's context menu and choose the Open DOSBox Templates menu item


How it works


Metropolis Launcher lets you define one or more DOSBox configuration templates. Any game-specific configuration will be based on one of those templates. Metropolis Launcher currently ships with the Default DOSBox configuration template.


The DOSBox Templates dialog consists of the following areas:


hmtoggle_plus1[A] DOSBox Templates Selection


All currently defined DOSBox Templates are listed here.


You can either use the buttons or the context menu (right click) to:


Add a new template
Duplicate the current template into a new template
Delete the current template (the template/s shipped by Metropolis Launcher cannot be deleted - you can rename them or modify their values though)


hmtoggle_plus1[B] Template Name


Set or modify the template's name here.


hmtoggle_plus1[C] Categories list


The DOSBox configuration is organized in categories. Click any of the categories to view its contents in the right panel [D].


hmtoggle_plus1[D] Configuration items


The panel on the right shows all configuration items for the current category, see [C].


You can alter their values by using the editors.


If the template is based on a shipped template and you alter a configuration item's value, the label will be displayed in bold. You can always check the original value (of the shipped template), by hovering your mouse over the value's editor:




Pro Tips


hmtoggle_plus1Always mount a directory containing tools for each DOSBox session


Say, you got indispensible tools and files which you always want to use in every DOSBox session. They could for example contain:

a commander (DOSZipCommander)
Gravis Ultrasound files (ULTRASND directory)


For this example, the directory is d:\_DOS_TOOLS_ and it should be always mounted as drive letter X. Furthermore, the sub-directory dz should be added to the PATH, in order to launch a commander from anywhere within the DOSBox session.


You can use the Autoexec Prepend configuration item in the DOSBox Settings category to mount the directory and set the PATH variable:





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