Contribute to MobyGames

Top  Previous  Next is the datasource for all Games & Emulation meta data in Metropolis Launcher. Here are a some examples on how Metropolis Launcher can help in contributing data for MobyGames.


1. Quickly access the MobyGames page of a game / contribute tech-info
If you identify a game with missing meta data, you can quickly access its MobyGames page by opening the context menu (right click) and choosing the Open Moby Page or Contribute Tech-Info menu item. Your default web browser will open up with the game's page.



2. Identify missing Moby game entries with the Rom Manager
The Rom Manager with its 2-panel view allows you to identify games in your list (left) which lack a MobyGame item (right). If that's the case, you could add the game to MobyGames using the following link:
Note: currently only allows licensed titles for many game consoles.
In the screenshot below you can see there is a game called "Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam" which apparently is not covered by MobyGames' database.


3. Find gaps in MobyGames data
Metropolis Launcher already works reasonably well with the meta data provided by MobyGames. You can sort, filter and search by anything imaginable. The Similarity Calculation feature of Metropolis Launcher also relies heavily on meta data. However, MobyGames data is not complete yet and here is how you can find out where data is missing.

3.1        Missing Number of Players


Open up Games & Emulation and create the following filter:




Now you have a list of all the games that are missing Number of Players information.


3.2        Missing Multiplayer Options or Multiplayer Modes


Open up Games & Emulation and create the following filter:




This way you get a list of all the games that support more than 1 player but miss either Multiplayer Mode or Multiplayer Options infomation.