Similarity Calculation Details

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How to reach it


In Games & Emulation Main Screen open the main list's context menu (right click) and choose the Open Similarity Details menu item. This menu item is only accessible, if you selected an entry in the Similar to dropdown.


How it works


The Similarity Calculation Details shows all details of the similarity calculation between two games. Game A is the game on which a similarity calculation was performed. Game B is the game selected in the Games & Emulation Main Screen's main list.


The list on the left shows for each feature list the similarity Score, the Weight (set up in the similarity calculation configuration) and the Weighted Score (Weight * Score). The bottom of the list shows the sum of the maximum possible score vs. the calculated score between game A and B.


If you select a data row in the left list, the panel on the right lists the attributes of games A and B regarding the selected feature set for a better comprehension of the calculated score.


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